My Approach:
You will find me approachable, straightforward and down to earth.
I will give you the space and "me time" to find out what it is you really want and then how to get there.

My Process:
I will listen to you carefully and ask questions that you might not have considered.
Once we have a goal in sight we will create an action plan that is achievable.
I will help bring order to your thoughts and forge a path towards achieving your goals.

Here is one of my testimonials:
"My name is DN and I completed two coaching sessions with Maria Marlow. During this time she has helped me to identify where I could improve my lines of communication and be more assertive when challenging staff, she allowed me to think through ways of communicating instructions and questioning techniques. She has allowed me to step back and see that my style of management is performance related and that what I am doing is making people accountable for their actions. I have also looked at the time spent with staff, making sure that I give staff who are delivering equitable time to discuss and talk to me. I was allowing challenging demanding staff to take up more time and not giving staff who were doing a good job the same. I would say that the two coaching sessions have been really useful in allowing me the time to reflect and plan work to benefit the organisation. It has allowed me to find my confidence again and confirmed that what I am doing is managing and doing it effectively but needing to revisit some of the skills that lead to effective management of difficult staff."